September 21, 2014 @ 6:28 AM

"Oak Tree Canopy" Oil 12" x 15"

What is my Art about?

I could write a book trying to answer that question but I don't know if I would succeed in hitting the nail on the head. It is just so out of synch to try putting into words something that has so many abstract aspects and many facets and nuances. Having said that there is one aspect of my painting that I've been thinking about today.

I like to escape into nature. I'm dependent on the effects nature has on my whole being. It is impossible to describe - like the effects love has on your soul, but here goes.

Being in the midst of Nature.....

Makes me breathe deeper - it's as if not just my physical lungs fill as I take in the wonderful air but ...

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September 20, 2014 @ 6:31 AM

"Morning Oaks on Dogtown Road" Oil 16.75" x 14.5" $1,600

This painting is one of 6 new pieces that I painted plein air on my recent visit to the beautiful Gold Country in California. I had over two weeks of a packed visit staying with friends. We painted together as well as visited many wonderful places from the magnificent Yosemite National Park to little local areas that were so full of history, charm and beauty. The landscapes were so different from Florida! Hills! Lots of hills, lots of oak trees, many types of evergreens and pine trees at higher altitudes, vineyards, old barns and so much more. My eyes (and camera) were busy all the time trying to take it all in!

I am honored that I was invited to teach two days...

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