February 16, 2014 @ 10:46 AM

"Perfect Paradise" Oil 11" x 14"

In the last year and a half I have been much more focused in Naples, Florida than other areas in South West Florida. The reason? I have a few.

1. The main gallery that represented me, Galerie du Soleil, moved to Naples to a beautiful new location.

2. I began to make regular trips to Naples to plein air paint the local scenery with a group of arists led by the wonderful, iconic Naples artist Phil Fisher.

3. The Guess Fisher Gallery expanded to a second gallery, Guess Fisher Gallery: Nestled in the Cove (website coming very soon!) which represents a carefully chosen group of Naples artists, including myself.

All of the above 3 reasons have had wonderful benefits.

My main gallery, Galerie du Soleil, where my larger Florida landscapes, beach paintings and bird art are sold, has gone from strength to strength. This is not only due to the move to Naples but even more so because of Owner, Shelby Ward's tireless work on behalf of her artists and clientelle. She has added new artists and many new clients and in just a year the reputation of Galerie du Soleil has spread all over Naples amongst the eager art collectors. Happily for me my Florida paintings is now gracing the walls of more beautiful Naples homes.

Phil Fisher has been painting around Naples for about 29 years! He is well known for his beautfiul watercolors and oils and due to his knowledge of places to paint I have been able to paint some truely special beauty spots in Naples. His generous friendship means so much to me and I treasure the time painting together with him and other artist friends.

Natalie Guess and Phil Fisher's second gallery location, Guess Fisher Gallery: Nestled in the Cove represents a group of artists who often paint Naples and surrounding areas en plein air as well as in the studio. As I mentioned I have my main collection of larger works at Galerie du Soleil but my growing collection of smaller plein aire gems needed a place to be shown and sold. Nestled in the Cove is that place!

I like to keep blog posts short so will add more about painting en plein air and the Nestled in the Cove gallery later. In closing I want to say I love creating my Naples art and painting in the sweet spots of this gorgeous town with all it has to offer is a pleasure!