June 9, 2014 @ 8:34 AM

All of my art reflects my love of nature. My paintings hold the beauty of the natural world up to grab attention and remind us all of what we are loosing everyday. The underlying message is protect, conserve and save our world.

Today is World Ocean's Day and in lucky timing to honor it I have just finished this piece, "Water Baby" acrylic 36" x36"

I usually work in oils but decided to paint this water and turtle piece with acrylics. My reasoning was that I would be doing many layers to capture the fluidity of the water and reflections and the quick drying acrylics would save me days if not weeks of drying time between the layers. Also, I figured the transparency of acrylic paints would be a plus for the layering. I love the texture of oil paints but decided I did not want to add texture to the already complex patterns of the water.

I was right on all counts and this is one of those occasions where I was glad I know how to use acrylic paints as well as oils as they were perfect for "Water Baby". I am happy how it turned out!

Happy World Oceans Day!