February 6, 2012 @ 11:25 AM

Does anyone want to read blog posts?

In these times of too much information, sound bites and tweets, does anyone have the attention span or time to read anything longer than two sentences?

Today I will say not and keep it brief with a little information about embellished giclee prints.

The original of this painting is sold but a 24" x 20" giclee print on canvas of this painting is only $360

If you have a budget for a little more then you can have an embellished print for $720

What is an embellished print? It is a print that has hand painting on top of a large part of it. It makes it more unique and adds texture and real paint which unlike a flat print will react and change in different lighting. Each ...

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February 6, 2012 @ 10:45 AM

To blog or not to blog? I have started and stopped blogging a few times now and did not think I would ever try again but here I am!

The thing that always made me stop blogging is the time it took. I do not usually write quickly and it was taking too much of my time to create blog posts. I am a painter not a writer!

So why try again? Two reasons:

1. To share information - I can use this blog to share news about my art, make comments about my art and make posts to correspond with my email newsletters.

2. My website maker (citymax) has added a blogging factor to their website so I can edit my blog posts in the same place I edit my web site.

To get things going I will add a painting to this post, after all that is what I ...

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