August 17, 2012 @ 7:36 AM

Here are two paintings of some mangroves, the first, "Peaceful Morning Blues" 11" x 14", is a small piece that was painted quickly on location (en plein air) and the second "Tranquillity Grove" 24" x 36" was painted from photographs in the studio.


When I work 'en plein air' (painting a scene on location) I generally......

Work fast

Use loose brush strokes

Usually do smaller paintings

Plan to complete the painting on one short sitting with maybe a few finishing touches back at the studio

When I paint from a photo I have many more options such as.......

Creating a large painting

Painting in as much detail as I like

Taking the time to plan the piece, make creative changes to the actual scene, altering the composition, altering the colors scheme etc.

Taking as much time as I need

Niether method is better. They are just different and different is wonderful and an essential componant of art.