Mangrove Paintings
Carol McArdle Mangrove Paintings

Mangroves are essential to the survival of the south Florida coastline. In the water among their roots are the nurseries of nearly all marine life. The mangroves create thick forests along the costline that hold the rich mud and soil in place and that protect the coastline in bad weather and hurricanes.

I love to paint the mangroves because of the beauty I see in their twisted and gnarly roots. The roots and limbs of the red mangroves can be bright red at certain times of the year and they are different every time I look at them depending on season, weather, time of day and different light. Mangrove paintings show so much of the beauty of our south Florida, sub-tropical climate.

My mangrove paintings series is one of my most popular. I have original paintings as well as giclee prints of my art. I also do commissioned paintings if you have a specific size, color or other requirement. Just contact me with any questions you have.

Please enjoy my mangrove paintings!

Carol McArdle

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