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Island Getaway 38x60

Oil on canvas 38" x 60" Who doesn't sometimes dream of being stranded on a tropical deserted island - well, I (Carol McArdle) do. I had dreamed of visiting places just like this painting for years before I finally did. It was some kind friends of mine who took me on a little boat tour of some of the Ten Thousand Islands and I was not disappointed. It was just like a dream. Beautiful waves swished and sighed as they ran among the mangrove roots and lapped the dappled shore. Words cannot describe, perhaps my painting comes close but one day you just have to go there for an "Island Getaway". Please also see the other painting of this same mangrove fringed beach, "Ten Thousand Islands Mangroves" (this original is sold but prints are available.) Prints of all paintings available to order in the size you want.

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