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Ocean Rhythms 36"x36"

Oil on canvas 36"x36" SOLD. Giclee prints available to order in the size you want. Instead of using acrylic to paint this turtle in swirling waters as used in three previous pieces, Carol McArdle wanted to experiment with using her usual medium of oil paints and was happy she did. Each painting has a life of it's own and "Ocean Rhythms" came to life as a musical piece. As you look at the painting you start to feel the rhythms as the turtle dances through the ribbon-like water ripples. The turtle most often seen in Florida waters is the green turtle but there can also be the loggerhead, kemp's ridley, leatherback and hawksbill. All are endangered by our modern world and need to be protected and conserved. Let's hope these ancient creatures will live on for many more thousands of years.

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