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Face to the Wind 24"x36"

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Oil on canvas 24" x 36"

Not every painting done by an artist turns out the same. Some pieces of art are a struggle, some are not as satisfying as others and some just seem to have an "it" factor. "Face to the Wind" is one of Carol McArdle's proudest creations.

The mostly neutral palette is a departure from her usual bright, saturated depiction of tropical scenery so maybe that makes it stand out. One art dealer said "Face to the Wind" reminded her of Andrew Wyeth's work. Carol felt that to be compared to the great American artist was a wonderful compliment indeed.

Carol also connects with the meaning of facing a strong wind. Having had a storm or two she had to face down in her life it is a character trait she appreciates.

This painting has been in the artists private collection for many years and only recently has it been made available to purchase.

Prints also available to order in the size you want.

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