Art Prints Catalog
Carol McArdle Art Prints Catalog

 Any of my paintings on this website, including SOLD  can be ordered as giclee prints in the size you want

*(Catalog is not always up to date with the newest paintings but ANY painting on this site can be ordered as a print)

Download the .pdf prints catalog! (click the .pdf link below)

  • Full of wonderful print choices
  • Information about giclee prints and the various choices you have (paper/canvas and more)
  • An order form to use to make your choices
  • Simple pricing
  • Easy instructions on how to place an order

Please note: to keep the .pdf file small enough to make it easy to download the images are low resolution. Use the images on the website if you need a sharper image or contact me directly. Thank you

Contact (239) 267-4750 if you have any questions

Art Print Catalog Aug. 2014

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